"Tieta, The Trial"


International Theatre Company presents

‘Tieta, The Trial’

Adapted and Directed

by Franko Figueiredo

Nobel Prize nominee's novel becomes Stage Play

A provoking and subversive play that could not have more contemporary relevance, ‘Tieta, The Trail’ will be on a national tour in the UK this summer, showcased in London in July at four distinctive theatres.

LONDON, MAY 2018 - ‘Tieta, The Trial’ is a dark, comic LGBTQ play, adapted from the Brazilian novel ‘Tieta do Agreste’ by Nobel Prize nominee Jorge Amado. Featuring live music, storytelling and dance, Tieta takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster where fact and fiction become intertwined.

Twenty-six years after being forced to leave his rural town, Antonio returns as Tieta, a trans woman and millionaire. Tieta promises to transform the town’s fortunes, but there is a condition attached to her charity: her quest for justice. Is Tieta’s call for justice, also an attempt at revenge? ‘Tieta, The Trial’ highlights issues that are still as current and problematic today, ranging from poverty, wealth and greed to social exclusion and equality.

Tieta’s impetuous and questioning spirit shines brightly. It asks questions such as: is prejudice induced by religion? Are human beings inherently born to yield to acts of corruption? What causes this? Necessity? Greed? How aware are we of the damage caused by our small actions? And if we are aware, are we just compassion fatigued?

StoneCrabs director, Franko Figueiredo is delighted to be bringing his work to the UK tour, he says ‘I love to see the audience’s response and reaction when they watch performances that, hopefully, challenge their views and perception. It is wonderful to be able to adapt these classic works and to appreciate their relevance today.’

‘Tieta, The Trail’ is supported by the Arts Council England and sponsored by AspectPlus.

Time Out reviewed the company saying

‘StoneCrabs Theatre does a magnificent job of introducing undeservedly neglected plays to UK audiences for the first time’

UK Tour – London Dates

26 June, Marylebone Theatre, London (Press Night)

Tickets: https://goo.gl/dvmPwC

13 July 2018 - Soho Theatre, London

Tickets: https://goo.gl/2JpuCW

28 July 2018, ETC Theatre, Camden Town, London

Tickets: https://goo.gl/UUTodH

31 July and 1st August, Camden People's Theatre, Camden Fringe Festival, London

Tickets: http://camdenfringe.com/

Press Contact: Ana Toledo 078 2732 4612 – press@stonecrabs.co.uk



Jorge Amado (Bahia, Brazil: 1912 - 2001) was one of the most famous and translated Brazilian writers of all time. He joined the cadres of Brazilian communist intellectuals at the end of the first half of the 20th century, and in 1995 he left the Communist Party of Brazil. Jorge is the most adapted author of cinema, theatre and television. Jorge Amado's literary work - 49 books in all - has also been the subject of samba schools throughout the country. His books have been translated into 80 countries, in 49 languages, as well as Braille. Jorge was surpassed, in the number of sales, only by Paulo Coelho. But with his distinctive style - the fiction novel - there is no parallel in Brazil. In 1994, his work was recognized with the Camões Prize. Further information: https://goo.gl/xeoXse


Published on August 17, 1977, the book narrates the return of Tieta to the remote village of Santana do Agreste, 26 years after being beaten and expelled by her father in front of the entire village. She returns rich and powerful. The village residents, who are typical of Bahia, struggling for survival, neither defending or resisting prejudice, small minded with little ambition, perpetual provincial conflicts with consequences that impede any signs of progress.

Jorge Amado has had several works adapted for cinema, television and theatre, including Tieta do Agreste. In 1989, TV Globo presented the telenovela Tieta, with success in Brazil and in other countries like Portugal. In 1996 the film Tieta do Agreste was made, based on the novel, directed by Cacá Diegues and with the international Brazilian Actress Sônia Braga.


Franko Figueiredo is co-founder and co-artistic director of StoneCrabs Theatre Company and associate artist of The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. He started his career as an actor and writer, working at Gamboa, Vila Velha, Castro Alves and CDL Theatre in Brazil (Bahia) and Gate and Royal Court in the UK. Franko specialises in Boal's Theatre of Images; Tadeusz Kantor; Shakespeare; Theatre Intertextuality; Theatre Translation (English/Portuguese); Children's Theatre Facilitation/Directing. He also runs directing and producing workshops in UK, Japan and Brazil.


StoneCrabs is a registered charity working with international and diverse practitioners to bring challenging and informative work to the stage. StoneCrabs particularly aims to provide up and coming practitioners the support and space to develop their style and voice while establishing themselves in the British theatre industry. Drawing upon the creativity of artists and writers of many cultures, we seek to create a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of the society in which we live, making theatre beyond borders. The company was based in London (The Albany) until 2015 and has since been creating work from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Further information: http://stonecrabs.co.uk/, Facebook @StoneCrabsTheatre, Twitter @StoneCrabsTC.