Your brain , your best friend.


Is indisputable to say that we are in the decade of body worship: gyms are crowded and internet is full of ads of nutrition and articles about how to care our body.

But in year 2018, we don´t know to care his controller: the brain

Brain is wonderful. It can make us obviate the pain, facilitate the secretion of hormones, and transform the past. Even modify the reality

Unfortunately, not always works fine. And over the years it uses to deteriorate.

But, as with the body, we can train it in order to prevent and slow down its deterioration. Or avoid certain disorders.

Listen to your brain. Discover it. Ask it questions. Understand it. Learn how makes it you react. How things affect you. And when you understand, it will be easier to establish and maintain relationships.

The brain is a mechanism that is reconstructed every day. The neurons are interconnected through the cerebral convolutions that create interdependent networks over the years. Damage one area can affect others and produce unexpected symptoms.

In my neuropsychology practices, I evaluated a patient who had memory gaps, caused by a motorcycle accident that he had with 16 years. Probably the accident caused a brain injury that was not detected at the time. But that scar remained asleep twenty years until a new synaptic connection touched that area, "reopening the wound"

This happens with the anxiety, too. Once you suffer an anxiety attack, it generates an association between your thoughts (fear to suffer some damage) and body reactions (tachycardia, accelerated breathing ...)

This relationship is bidirectional, so tachycardia can activate these thoughts even when the situation does not danger. A person who has suffered an anxiety attack may suffer more throughout his life and it is difficult to break these connections. But it is easier to find out what make us distract from these thoughts. To some of them it helps go running, to others relaxation...

To me it helps cook. And reaching this conclusion was not easy; I did not get it in a single trial. I needed time and energy to talking with my brain and training it.

Keep going to the gym. And keep improving your diet. But also sit down to talk with your brain. Get to know it. Your brain can be a very interesting friend.

Ariadna Galván