Hidrydration is Essential


With summer upon us it’s time to bring back that vigour and shine to your hair! I have some very effective home recipes for creams that will do just that.

Why hydrate?

A dehydrated hair (I mean, dry hair) has lost its glamour and gloss, it is brittle and has no life. Hydration can bring back that lightness of movement and shine to your hair.

How to hydrate?

There are two to approaches to hydrating: superficial and deep. Both will produce results but a superficial hydration will last a shorter time.


Superficial hydration

You can get good results using hydrating creams (I recommend Keune and Inoar) mixed with coconut or avocado oil for instance. Apply to the hair that was previously washed with your usual shampoo. If possible, heat activate it by wrapping a warm wet towel around your hair or wearing a thermal cap. Allow it to work for about 30 minutes then rinse. You may also use honey, eggs, oats, coffee, etc. there are many homemade recipes on the internet- explore and find out which one works best for your hair.


Deep hydration

I call this a mega-power hydration, since this is done by a professional in a hairdresser’s saloon using exclusive professional products (not available for sale to the regular public). There are various combinations designed for the specific needs of each individual hair. The professional evaluates and decides which combination of products to use. A deep hydration includes a mixture of creams and vitamins that normally are applied to the hair after the shampoo and heat activated.

At home or at the hairdresser’s, at summertime, it’s cool to hydrate.


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