Voluminous lips.

Hello girls,

In this issue, I will talk about the fever of the moment; the ‘voluminous lips’, and give you some hints on how to use make-up to achieve that effect. There are some clinical treatments like the ‘lip filling’, but some simple and effective make-up tricks can help you accomplish that effect too.

Here are a few suggestions: 

Trick 1

Darken the area just under the lower lip so to create the illusion of forward projection. In order to get this effect, use a brown eyeshadow or dark pencil in the lower deeper part of the chin, just below the lower lip, DECREASING slightly as you move towards the extremities of the lips.

Trick 2

Illuminate the Cupid’s arc in order to make the upper lip look bigger. Just like darkening the lower part of the face projects the lip forwards, illuminating the ‘V’ shape that we all have will create the impression that they are much bigger. Apply shade so the face to soften contrasts.

Trick 3

Bet on ‘nude’ colours to make the lips look bigger.

Remember the basic universal rule; light shades increase and darker ones decrease. If you feel that irresistible urge to wear red lipstick, do not forget the shading under the line of the lips.

Trick 4

Lip gloss makes lips look more voluminous. Gloss reflects light and makes lips appear bigger. Have a go at it but be careful that it doesn’t run off.

Trick 5

Wear lipsticks in two different tonalities; a darker one on the extremes and along the contour of the lips and a lighter one in the central part. This will create the illusion of bigger lips. Choose only lipsticks of the same colour but with different tonalities.

Trick 6

Exfoliate lips to avoid opacity.

Dry lips reflect little light, and cause the impression that they are even smaller. To solve this, you can use your toothbrush and brush your lips daily. You will notice instant results.

Trick 7

Use lip pencils to create a new frame for your lips.

Outline the mouth slightly outwards with a pencil in the same tonality as the lipstick- this will make the lips look fuller. Remember not to exaggerate the outline otherwise it could look too artificial.

These are my suggestions for this issue. Seven tricks to make your lips look fuller and sexier.

Roseane Shekinah