Bringing the garden indoors.

Bringing the garden indoors.

Bringing the garden indoors.

Why not turn that sunny corner inside your house into a mini vegetable garden? In your house you can plant, watch the growth of and eat plants that you have cultivated yourself.

If you have children at home, a mini vegetable garden will offer entertainment and involvement for them- a great activity for their holidays. They will simply love it. 

It’s not necessary to have lots of space either; you will be surprised to find that a small sunny area close to a window can produce beautiful plants. Use your creativity.

Green leaves, herbs, tomatoes, will make any corner of your house look beautiful and be more useful.

There are some vegetable cultivation techniques that will help you start planting. There are many ideas on the internet. The technique that is most used in the planting of aromatic herbs is the direct seeding. Try also to plant a variety of salad leaves. Fresh instant salad! These are some tips to inspire you: 

Material needed:

-Flower pot

-Soil and compost

-Water can


How to plant:

Place the soil inside the flower pot in accordance to the needs of each plant. Scatter seeds on the soil and then sprinkle with some water. Repeat the sprinkling once a day. It is surprising how quickly the seeds grow.

Soon you will have freshly grown aromatic herbs and leaves to add to your meals. Your window sill will also look nicer with the plants. 

I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions. Do not hesitate in trying to have your own indoor mini vegetable patch. 

Sandra Rocha Griffiths