The black dress is not for everyone!

The black dress is not for everyone!

The basic black dress is not for everyone!

One of the better-known phrases in the world of fashion is: ‘Every woman needs to have a little black dress’.  This is a very old phrase but is still going strong.

What is the basic black dress? It’s a simple dress, without much details, in black which will allow you to wear it multiple times and combine it with different accessories to suit the most diverse occasions. And besides it will make you look slim, isn’t that right?

Is the basic black dress for any woman? Certainly, but some women will then have to take very special care with their make-up. And don’t forget that it’s not every day that we want to have make-up on, don’t you agree? You also need to know which is the most suitable style for your body type.

Will any woman look beautiful, stylish and slim in a basic black dress? No, not always…

We should understand the concept and not follow it as a rule since, it’s like the saying goes: there are exceptions for every rule.

It is very practical to opt for a dress since it is a single piece of clothing. Whereas if you opt for a skirt, jeans or shorts you will also have to consider the top piece that goes with it.

Some theories created by great fashionistas of the past still apply, but ‘for some people only’.

The mere fact that we may like the colour black (or any other colour) does not mean that we will look good wearing it.

Do not get upset; you still will be able to wear the colour that you want from the waist down.

The dress is a very practical piece in a woman’s wardrobe, and the colour black is favoured because it can make your profile look slimmer. This does indeed make sense since the colour black does not reflect light it can counter the illusion of visually increasing your volume.

We must be very careful when wearing black too close to the face, because it will, besides lending seriousness, highlight shadows under the eyes, pregnancy marks and can even make you look too pale and tired.

When you buy a piece of clothing, try to picture yourself wearing it without any make-up on because the clothes’ colour need to be in harmony with the natural shades of our skin, hair and eyes.

Nowadays there are tools and the necessary knowledge to help you understand a little more about colours and the end result will be like when worn close to our faces.

Many other colours that can be worn instead of black: navy blue, cobalt blue, brown, olive green, aubergine, graphite and burgundy are just a few of them. 

Take a moment and decide the colour that could be your own ‘basic black’.

Story by Thaize de Oliveira

Thaize Consultoria de Imagem & Personal Stylist