How to feed your Brain.

How to feed your Brain.

How to feed your Brain 

Your brain is incredible. It’s awesome. It lets you to be yourself. But usually we force or mistreat it, and it gets sick. 

So we have to care for it and feed it. But how? 

It’s not easy. You need time and energy. You have to train it and makes it strong, as if it was a gym, but without sweat. There are a lot of ways to train it. The most known are the exercises of memory. It’s important to be active: to read, to solve problems of logistic and analogies. It looks easy: just think and doubt about all. 

But think is not enough. You have to feel. And to be aware of your feelings and accept them. Remember: we cannot chose what we feel, but we can choose how to act. 

Sometimes we have not time to analyze our feeling or is easier to deny them, but finally they will go out. 

Sometimes we are not enough strong to affront them and we try to hide them until they explodes. 

So it’s important to know them, in order to react as soon as possible 

I recommend to dedicate time to them, and even to write them, to "see” them. And if you cannot identify them, go to a specialist. A psychologist is not going to solve your problems or to delete the bad feelings, he is going to help you to put them above the table, face and accept them. 

Be strong. Listen your brain. You don’t fight against him. Fight with him. Together, you are stronger.

Ariadna Galván