Open Air Training is Fun

Open Air Training is Fun!  

Nowadays, many types of physical activities (walking, cycling and many other types of exercises) can be performed in parks and open spaces since many of these are now equipped with fixed and stall bars, bike lanes and other equipment.

What about a training without any equipment, is it also possible? Yes, and callisthenics shows this. In this modality, the body own weight is used to work the muscles and can result in increase strength, resistance and muscular mass.

Some movements in this exercise, called bodyweights (because they use the body’s own weight), require preparation and care so to avoid body injury. 

Jogging and cycling in parks are also great open-air exercise options.  These are ideal options for those not yet fit and should be practised in a flat area of the park- without much ascents or descents. 

Parks and open areas are good for jogging, walking, playing with the children, searching inspirations, motivations and spending bottled up energies. They can also be a great place to make new friends.

Being in contact with nature is often a healthy habit, but it is always important to remember to wear sun lotion and carry a bottle of water when in the sun. Also, a fitness instructor could give you lots of advice to help you get the most of the exercises.

Embracing healthy alternatives is the best way of having fun.