Do not underestimate the power of the dialogue.

Do not underestimate the power of the dialogue.


‘Dialogue is saying what we think and bearing what others think’

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

We live through times of intense personal and professional tribulations, and, with the advent of technology- internet and social media-  we constantly losing the art of conversation.

To talk is to express oneself, it’s to allow and utilise our repertoire of words. Conversation do not only occur with words, but also with gestures, looks, we use the whole body. We draw upon the perception, the understanding, the discernment and the surrender.

On that account, do not underestimate the power of the dialogue and conversation.  Do not turn relationships into a void of words and gestures.

‘Marriages without conversation are a convention between strangers.  Conversations are a channel to the soul. That is how we reach the other.  To talk is a verb that calls for constant conjugating’   Brizotti

The conversation is only a dialogue if it communicates a meaning, otherwise it is a monologue- a pointless speaking. To converse is to make verses together. It’s not simply to speak again and again, but to have something to say.

Rethink  your relationship with these questions is mind:

Do you talk? When you talk, are you capable of understanding each other? Your words open to a dialogue or a monologue? During the conversation, do you move together or drift apart? Have you been talking about feelings, emotions, anxieties? During sexual intimacy, is there a frank and open dialogue about the needs and expectations? We need to realise and learn that in our relationships we are not telepathic and that we need to communicate what we desire and the way in which we desire.

See some of the benefits of the dialogue in a relationship and change these moments into a profound involvement, genuine expectation, respect and meaningfulness. Some of these are: knowledge of the other; exchange of experience, decentralisation (the other is also important and has the right to speak); healing emotions (conversations allow emotions to be exposed and worked upon); it allows human connections (talking instead of typing), etc.

Relationships are made of small things, that is why communication (dialogue and conversation) is so important- it fulfils life. Conversations can transform a relationship. The heart needs this interaction, this liberation, this allowing and exchanging.

Barbara Juliana Ahlert Schneider

Psychologist CRP 07/08704

Graduated from Unisinos and has 20 years’ work experience. With specialisation in People’s Management and Clinical Psychotherapy for Adults, Couples and Families from CEFI. Graduated in Human Sexuality with qualification in Sexual Therapy from IPHEM. Coaches since 2009 with training in Group Dynamics by the Brazilian Society of Group Dynamics- SBDG.

She ministers workshops about Female Sexuality and Pleasure and gives talks on Relationships.

She writes for the magazine Benedita.

Contacts :

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